Thursday, August 21, 2014

VMware Acquires CloudVolumes For App Delivery Technology

Image credit: CloudVolumes
Virtualization giant VMware announced that it has acquired CloudVolumes, a small company dedicated to real-time application delivery in virtualized environment. VMware hasn't disclosed the Financial terms of the deal. Acquiring CloudVolumes enables the virtualization giant to build real-time desktop application delivery across all three of its technology focus areas.

So what makes CloudVolume so unique and hot? It shifting the paradigm how virtual machines are managed and updated, CloudVolumes' core app delivery technology works in both virtual and physical environments, it allows companies to deliver any number of real-time applications and any amount of data to any number of virtual machines within seconds. Acquiring CloudVolumes enables VMware to build real-time application delivery platform across all three of its technology focus areas- end-user computing, software-defined datacenter and cloud services. It also gives the company a strong position in the computing industry.

CloudVolumes will seamlessly integrate into existing virtual infrastructure so there's no need to replace storage, network or even virtual machines. This kind of specialization makes it a nice fit for the VMware's Horizon Desktop product, it gives the VMware Horizon customers the ability to lower their desktop and application infrastructure and management costs, and also provide a personalized experience.

Image credit: VMware

VMware CTO Kit Colbert touted further benefits of the acquisition

In a blog post:

Delivering desktop applications to users, especially in Windows environments, can be challenging and cumbersome.  The installation paradigm for adding and removing applications from a system is heavyweight and fragile.  Problems at runtime can easily crop up – such as incompatibilities or conflicts with existing apps – that can interfere with successful application delivery.  Preventing these problems often results in complex workarounds, either through scripting or manual intervention.  We need a better way, and CloudVolumes provides it.

Image credit: VMware/CloudVolumes

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